Nooma Mission Group

The Call:

The Nooma Mission Group is called to help the people of New Community Church and those associated with us to grow in the transforming power of the Holy Spirit by providing opportunities to deepen our commitment to the person and way of Jesus Christ. In particular, we are called to build bridges of understanding and reconciliation in Christ that unite people across the barriers that separate us from each other in creation, our society and in the Church.

The members of Nooma live into our mission in a variety of ways.  We organize New Community’s School of Christian Living, which offers classes and other events that help people to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and in relationships of love and justice with others.  Nooma is also the mission group home of The Cornelius Corps, a faith based ministry that provides opportunities to build transforming relationships across the boundaries that separate people from the inner city and suburbs.  Members of Nooma participate in and promote events that help people to make a public witness for the way of Jesus, especially in terms of peacemaking, racial reconciliation and economic justice.

Nooma organized New Community members to attend an anti-war rally in DC.

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